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Custom Denture Services in Suncook, NH

At Suncook Dental, we use the finest denture hardware available. We take pride in helping you look your best, and we’ll get you properly fitted with beautiful acrylic dentures or partial dentures.

We design all our dentures on-site, and they’re manufactured to fit precisely. Our goal is to provide secure dentures that make you feel comfortable and confident.

What Are Dentures For?

What are dentures for?

There are multiple situations that merit the need for dentures. Things like multiple missing teeth, advanced gum disease, and dental decay are all circumstances where dentures provide the most effective solution.

When a patient is not missing all the teeth in their dental arch, a partial denture provides the option for replacing only the missing teeth. All dentures fasten securely and can be inserted or removed as needed.

Most dentures are made from acrylic material. Some have metal portions that allow for a more secure fit, while others are entirely plastic. All dentures are designed to have the natural, aesthetic appearance of real teeth.

Denture Design Process

An immediate denture situation involves extracting damaged teeth and placing a denture right away. The preparation process for this takes about two weeks. In a conventional denture situation where the patient currently has no teeth, it takes several weeks before the dentures are cast, created, and ready to be placed.

Denture Services in Suncook, NH

At Suncook Dental, we pride ourselves on our denture services. We accept most insurance carriers and offer a variety of payment options for your convenience. Visit our family-owned dental office today! We’ll take care of you, and leave you smiling a little brighter.

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