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Digital X-Rays Mean Less Radiation

Digital Dental Images Suncook NHIn fact, 75% less radiation than conventional imaging. By simply placing a sensor in your mouth, the image of your teeth and gums is available immediately on our computer screen. With panoramic digital imaging, one shot includes both upper and lower jaws. And no chemicals are used to develop the images, which means no pollution to the environment.

Cleaner Than Clean

Your teeth will feel cleaner than they have ever been when they are cleaned with the Piezo Scaler™. This high-tech tool removes deposits faster and easier with high-frequency vibrations. Patients comment there is little or no discomfort when having their teeth cleaned with this advanced scaler.

Don't Lose a Tooth from Sports Injury

Custom Athletic Mouthguards Suncook NHIf teeth are properly protected, the chances of losing a tooth when participating in sports are greatly reduced. If a mouthguard is not custom made, often it provides little protection from injury and trauma. Each year, over 5 million teeth are lost because proper protection was not worn. We make mouthguards to fit your exact teeth to protect them and also to enhance, not detract, from your athletic performance.

The American Dental Association recommends wearing a custom mouthguard for these sports: acrobatics, basketball, boxing, field hockey, football, gymnastics, handball, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, roller hockey, rugby, shotputting, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, soccer, squash, surfing, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, wrestling.

Safety Measures for Your Health

We never take any risks when it comes to your health. Some of the tools we use are re-usable, and we want you to know we meet all safety standards in sterilizing these tools. They are placed in an autoclave that is monitored by an outside lab to ensure they are completely sterilized and safe for re-use. Our one-use tools are safely discarded after treatment is completed.

Alternative to Gum Surgery

Gum Disease Treatment Suncook NHPerhaps you have been told you need gum surgery. But with laser technology, there may be an alternative way to take care of the problem. Today's lasers are nothing short of miraculous in the results they produce. It is a quick, less invasive approach that can be virtually painless. Our doctors have treated numerous cases of gum infection, and the laser we use is FDA approved, as it is both safe and effective. An additional plus is that use of the laser regenerates diminishing bone mass from years of infected gums.

Technology Lets You See for Yourself

Intra Oral Dental Camera Suncook NHWe want you to participate in all dental decisions, and modern technology makes it possible. With the miniature intra-oral video camera, you can view the interior of your mouth to see for yourself which teeth need work. Patients love taking part in the process, and you will too!

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (603) 485-CARE.



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