Cosmetic Dentistry

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Looking Good Means Feeling Good

We want you to be pleased with your smile, as it can affect how you feel about yourself. We offer the latest preventive treatments and cosmetic options. Today's smile makeovers are easy and affordable, so why wait any longer? Come in and let's discuss what whitening, bonding, and crowns can do to make your smile the very best!

White smile

Brilliant White Teeth in Just One Visit

With professional-strength whitening, you can turn dull or stained teeth to brilliant white. We use the same method you may have seen advertised on television or in magazines. Power whitening changes your smile in just one visit, and the results can last for years.

We also make custom whitening trays. This is a procedure you finish at home with the supplies we give you. Follow our instructions, and within 1 – 14 days, you will have great results.

Crowns Restore a Broken Tooth

Sometimes a tooth is too damaged to be repaired with a filling. Teeth break or wear down, and the solution to return it to viability is a crown. We make our crowns from the best materials to return your tooth to functionality and your smile to an aesthetically pleasing one. Our natural-looking crowns cannot be distinguished from your own natural teeth.


A Bridge Can Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

We custom make bridges from high-quality materials to last and provide full functioning for chewing. If you have consecutive missing teeth, a bridge can fill the gap and remain stable with a crown on each side of the bridge. It is an alternative and effective solution to dental implants.

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