Dentistry for Adults

Adult dentistry

Professional Cleanings for Good Health

We emphasize to our patients that having regular check-ups and dental cleanings are important to your overall as well as oral health. Plaque that builds up and hardens into tartar cannot be removed by daily brushing. If tartar spreads to the gum line and below, an infection in the gums can mean more than losing your teeth. Research has revealed that bacterial infection of the gums can contribute to heart problems, diabetes, and stroke. Have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis to maintain good health!

Root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy to Save Teeth with Damaged Roots

In the past, a tooth with damaged or infected roots was simply extracted. Today, advanced root canal therapy will save a tooth, as it has been established that extraction should be avoided when possible. During this procedure, the interior pulp of the tooth is removed and replaced with a special filling material. This is needed when decay or infection has spread to the roots and nerves. Our dentists have the training in the most advanced techniques and administer anesthetics that make the procedure easier for patients. This procedure will keep your natural tooth intact.

Focusing on Seniors

Our teeth show signs of advanced years, just like our bodies. Decades of tobacco and caffeine consumption leave teeth stained with no remaining luster. Fillings often loosen, and sometimes a tooth has a hairline fracture. Both need attention with a new filling or crown before decay sets in and more advanced work is necessary. Certain medications reduce the flow of saliva through the mouth, and we can remedy the problem with basic products. Gum disease or root decay is common in seniors, and early detection and treatment are necessary to maintain good health. We emphasize continuing good nutrition and careful daily dental hygiene. If ever your gums start to bleed, please contact us immediately.

Nice smile

Good Dental Health is More Than Just a Nice Smile

Our dentists emphasize the importance of oral health to your well-being and now use a process that is more than just diagnosing and repairing dental problems. This process entails recording each visit with the condition of your teeth and gums. The information is maintained on a graph in our computer, so the dentist can access the details and track your dental health. It lets our doctors set health goals for you and provide the necessary information to achieve those goals. We want patients to recognize the importance of dental health in obtaining nutrition from your food and maintaining vitality and bodily well-being.

Don't Ruin Your Social Life with Bad Breath

Bad breath usually means a more serious, underlying problem. We have advanced diagnosis and treatment to identify the source of the problem and to make your breath fresh again. Don't wait another day to take care of an issue that can cause embarrassment and affect your overall good health.

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